Noremak Naganalf

White crystal Shardmind, with glowing solid white eyes


Noremak Naganalf is 200 year old Shardmind. His body is made up of solid white crystal fragments held together by pure thought. His eyes are a solid white and constantly forever glowing. He keeps body wrapped in a royal red cloak to hid his appearance from humans and other races who may become frighten by him. The only thing people normally see besides his cloths and cloak are his old white glowing eye from under the cloaks hood. He is well trained in the art of the powers of the mind. For many years he used his Psionic powers to kill fellow Shardminds. Something is very ashamed of, another reason he hides his appearance. He is not the best of Psonic users but he is everyday trying to improve. So he can one day protect all his friends and the unconscious living gate fragments so they two can live.


Noremak Naganalf is a humanoid created and made up of fragments of crystals given life and substance by pure thought. He was born from fragments broken off the living gate. Noremak has lived for a 200 years.

Age 0-120: He lived much of his younger life as a Shard Slayer killing many of his fellow Shardmind. It wasn’t until his 80th year of life he realized his error in thought when he was targeted by another Shard Slayer. After a 10 year hunt, of hiding and fighting with the younger Shardmind; Noremak succeeded in keeping his life with the help of a group of Thought Builders. These Thought Builders took Noremak in and introduced him to good people and races from the Far Realm. Here Noremak learnt the error of his ways and denounced the ways of Vecna. The Thought Builders taught him the ways of Ioun and that the Far Realm is not a place of complete evil if kept in check. After fully recovering from his wounds, Noremak took out into the world with a new goal. No long wanting to kill all Shardminds he encountered but to protect them so they can have life. Even if that meant destroying Shard Slayers who threaten unawaken living gate fragments.

Age 120-199: After setting off on his adventure for the first time he visited a village. The villagers were frightened havening never seen a living construct like Noremak. The chased him, attacking and trying their hardest to kill him. He escaped but not after being badly wounded again. He found a barn and fell unconscious. He was discovered by the barns owner Theren. Theren was a happy Human who lived outside the village and loved to experience all of life. Upon finding Noremak Theren set out to help him and nurse his wounds. Noremak not understanding emotion found it logical why the village attacked him but confusing to why this Human who was a member of the village would help him. To which Theren sensed and explained to Noremak that humanoids especially humans were not always logical and that he himself, Theren, hated being logical. Over the next few weeks Noremak’s wounds healed and he learnt about truly living and how to have fun. How even though Elves and other races like the Shardmind are immortal they still need to live even if some are technically not alive. Theren gave Noremak a long royal red cloak that covered Noremak’s entire body so the two could go into town and Noremak not scare, or attract any attention from the other villagers. The two became best of friends and spent many years traveling protecting unawaken fragments. They also spent many other years living on Theren’s land enjoying life. Theren became sick at the age of 99 and eventually died of old age despite all Noremak tried to help keep him alive longer. The last thing Theren asked of Noremak before death was to keep on living, enjoy life, have a little emotion even though he was an emotionless mineral vein and never stop having fun.

Age 200: Following Theren’s death Noremak set back off traveling the land searching for unawaken Shardminds, Shard Slayers, or any other way to make his old friend Theren and the Thought Builders happy for him. Eventually his search for unawaken Shardminds brought him to the city of Harken. Here he has heard of what seemed to maybe a unawaken Shardmind in the cities castle. As he was trying to find a way into the castle one night he was knocked unconscious…….

Noremak Naganalf

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