Relics of the Rifts


After leaving the Trimerian Capitol, which was left in ruins, the Nephilm then traveled to the closest coast city in search of the King of Trimeria. Passing through the Bullywug swamp, the party rests for the next day of travel.

While Kvothe and Boleros are sleeping, Grom and Tovern are confronted by Veil, the monk that brought the party together. He urged them to join him in the ritual that was about to transpire, no one of their races had ever taken part in it and he was curious as to how it would turn things in the group’s favor.

The two underwent the secret trial and came back tired and hardly remembering much. When they awoke the next morning the two seemed like different people all together Grom and Tov had undergone a change. They could also remember all of the horrible, horrible things that they did to achieve the power they have now.

The Nephilm then completed their journey to the city of Borden. Once the city was in view they could see the docks and the ships that sat there. They were huge docks, fitting ships the size of small forts. One such ship could be seen coming in, it was white with flags sailing the symbol of the nation of Mithrindain. Golden writing on the side of the ship, elvish, was read by one of the party members to Say: Mili Ra’ Mitril, or, Military of Mithrindain.

Swinging in, the ship docked, and immediately ramps fell from the sides and Elven soldiers all wearing armor of pearl white and gold stepped forward. Awaiting their commander who slowly made his way off the ship and in front of them, pacing and concentrating on a piece of parchment, he began to bark orders in Elvish.

By this time the Elves had gained a crowd, people looked on, Humans and Dwarves made up the population in this nation and it was as such here, Elves were only seen in this continent in the land of Toryn.

Some of the people began to chatter, the group looked on from the hill overlooking the city and watched as the soldiers dispersed, most of them going into the tavern, the others were off to various places around the city.
The Idea was hatched that they would wait to enter the city, coming back when things were calmed down. They were to find the king, and any interruption these Elven troops would cause would just waste their time.

On The Road

The lone ranger, leaving his half-giant comrade on the hill overlooking Harken, slid down the steep dirt slope. The mage who was standing at the bottom of the hill before had disappeared into the woods. Kvothe left it alone and walked into the city of Harken.

Upon arriving he could seen down the main street of trading stations that the city was famed for, the Inner City walls stood at the end of the street, the gates of which were wide open. He wasted no time and ran inside to investigate. At the back wall, the castle of Harken once stood, now there was a gaping crater. Laying along side the crater were three survivors Kvothe greeted them and they all noticed that standing at the gate were the returning Harken Guard.

Being the only three at the scene, and before the guard at that, there were many questions to be asked, they were met by a human riding horseback and taken to the house of the returning heir to the throne. Once there they were asked to find a dragon that followed them back to the city, and slay him.

The party accepted on the condition that the heir provides transport wherever they needed to go. The heir announced himself as Nadir Amash, the ruling King of Harken, and vowed to grant any request they wish upon the completion of the quest.

The party ventured to the cave and encountered the dragon, which they quickly slew without much effort. Other than the dragon, there was a strong necromantic presence. When moving the alter in the center of the room, they encountered another beast, which proved to be tough, but no challenge for the adventurers.

Once back at the inner city, the party partook in a bar brawl that was brought on by someone attempting to assassinate the disguised King while having a drink. The king was dragged out of the bar by his personal priest, and taken back to his home.

The party visited the home of the heir, Amash, bringing him the head of the dragon as well as one of the accomplices of the attack. They were in his graces and he gathered a few of his men to escort them wherever they wish.

Having their transport, the group traveled to the Witch’s house, and upon receiving their information they head toward Trimeria, to find the cowardly king who is hiding in one of the coast cities with his artifact.

Last Session

On a hill in Harken, the adventuring party watched as the HarkenWold castle lifted into the air, taking with it a hunk of earth the size of the castle itself. It carried all of the invading “Nazina Order” as well as several wizards and people of authority from the nation of Syrill.

An explosion at the bottom of the huge rock it dragged caused the castle to wobble a bit, and let loose rubble and boulders from the impact site. Something else could be seen though; several “flailing” objects fell from the castle as it floated away. It looked to be living beings falling to the ground; they fell fast and crashed hard.

The party then looked down to see another person at the bottom of the mountain, watching the sight for himself. He looked familiar to the party, he was famous, everywhere. His name was Tolaf, he was the descendant of the wizard Sparlo, the person who caused the Spell Plague five hundred years ago. He is famous because he is the first Male descendant of the Wizard, which is significant in mage circles.

He quickly ran off and, incredibly intrigued, the party decides to investigate.


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