Toveren Verbrand

Badass Genasi Swordmage that shouldn't be fucked with! Complete with firesoul and causticsoul manifestations.


Was blown out of a floating castle by Merlin and fell like 150 feet and survived.


Was part of a firesoul tribe in Pheryia(?) when one day the iron circle attacked. Tov led a few strand of survivors across the border in to Harken and have set up camp outside of Farouh(?). Tov has vowed to get revenge against those that killed his people and destroyed his village. The only family Tov has left is his uncle, Zadene Verbrand, in charge as he leaves in search of fighters to help vanquish the iron circle. Tov also wants to be one of the most powerful arcana users ever. He would even be willing to travel over seas or to new dimensions to learn from the greatest wizards and mages. Also he would like to raise a dragon and have it as a companion. Although he is lethal in combat with his spells and blade, he is somewhat clumsy when not in battle.


1. Get revenge against the iron circle.
2. Learn from the greatest wizards and mages.
3. Be one of the most powerful arcana users ever.
4. Have a dragon as a companion.

Toveren Verbrand

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