Relics of the Rifts


Last Session

On a hill in Harken, the adventuring party watched as the HarkenWold castle lifted into the air, taking with it a hunk of earth the size of the castle itself. It carried all of the invading “Nazina Order” as well as several wizards and people of authority from the nation of Syrill.

An explosion at the bottom of the huge rock it dragged caused the castle to wobble a bit, and let loose rubble and boulders from the impact site. Something else could be seen though; several “flailing” objects fell from the castle as it floated away. It looked to be living beings falling to the ground; they fell fast and crashed hard.

The party then looked down to see another person at the bottom of the mountain, watching the sight for himself. He looked familiar to the party, he was famous, everywhere. His name was Tolaf, he was the descendant of the wizard Sparlo, the person who caused the Spell Plague five hundred years ago. He is famous because he is the first Male descendant of the Wizard, which is significant in mage circles.

He quickly ran off and, incredibly intrigued, the party decides to investigate.



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