Relics of the Rifts

On The Road

The lone ranger, leaving his half-giant comrade on the hill overlooking Harken, slid down the steep dirt slope. The mage who was standing at the bottom of the hill before had disappeared into the woods. Kvothe left it alone and walked into the city of Harken.

Upon arriving he could seen down the main street of trading stations that the city was famed for, the Inner City walls stood at the end of the street, the gates of which were wide open. He wasted no time and ran inside to investigate. At the back wall, the castle of Harken once stood, now there was a gaping crater. Laying along side the crater were three survivors Kvothe greeted them and they all noticed that standing at the gate were the returning Harken Guard.

Being the only three at the scene, and before the guard at that, there were many questions to be asked, they were met by a human riding horseback and taken to the house of the returning heir to the throne. Once there they were asked to find a dragon that followed them back to the city, and slay him.

The party accepted on the condition that the heir provides transport wherever they needed to go. The heir announced himself as Nadir Amash, the ruling King of Harken, and vowed to grant any request they wish upon the completion of the quest.

The party ventured to the cave and encountered the dragon, which they quickly slew without much effort. Other than the dragon, there was a strong necromantic presence. When moving the alter in the center of the room, they encountered another beast, which proved to be tough, but no challenge for the adventurers.

Once back at the inner city, the party partook in a bar brawl that was brought on by someone attempting to assassinate the disguised King while having a drink. The king was dragged out of the bar by his personal priest, and taken back to his home.

The party visited the home of the heir, Amash, bringing him the head of the dragon as well as one of the accomplices of the attack. They were in his graces and he gathered a few of his men to escort them wherever they wish.

Having their transport, the group traveled to the Witch’s house, and upon receiving their information they head toward Trimeria, to find the cowardly king who is hiding in one of the coast cities with his artifact.



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