The Relics of the Rifts

Coming Together:
The story began in the city of HarkenWold, the largest trade city on the continent of Kor’Dorh. Veil Barderbink, disciple and son of the Eldest Witch, was surveying the city looking for certain people whose descriptions were made clear.

The Eldest Witch was a famous prophet who lived on the outskirts of Harken. She had made several predictions for the King and was kept on hand during times of need. Veil was looking for travelers who were predicted to be here by chance, when an attack would come on the city in the form of a dragon.

A Dragonborn Paladin, a shape shifter Ranger, and a Half-Giant Rune Priest, they were easy to spot. Once they were found he joined them as the attack began, helping them to exit the town through a secret path through the Harken forest.

Outside the town, they were able to see that the dragon had left, and in the city now were mercenaries pillaging and killing the citizens. Aside from the killing and stealing from the villagers, the dragon kept making passes over the other trade areas of the city, after having burned all of the housing districts.

The Witch and Her Prophecy:
Once the party arrived at the Eldest Witch’s residence, they sat and ate while talking with her about the prophecy. They were told they were destined to find several relics, which would protect the realm from experiencing a catastrophic disaster that once shook the heavens five-hundred years ago.

An Evil sorcerer once opened a rift through a spell taught by a secret society called the Enzi Magi. This rift was intended to allow him to step into another dimension, another realm of existence. It was used to escape the royal guard of Hurroine, and its effects were faulty. It instead allowed another advanced race to enter their dimension at the same time he was trying to exit. This race of beings immediately began opening other rifts to other realms besides theirs, in other nations.

The invaders were eventually killed off and the rifts stopped being opened, but those already opened, needed to be closed, so adventuring parties would go out with special weapons and begin closing the rifts.

Once they were all closed, there was an outbreak of an unknown virus; apparently a toxic substance had entered through the rifts. The entire continent of Kor’Dorh experienced a severe population decrease, leaving only a few thousand people in each nation. This was known to be the great Spell Plague the most tragic disaster in history.

If these relics were brought together by evil beings, they could be incredibly dangerous. This is just what Lord Vhennyk is trying to do. Vhennyk was once a General in the Syrrilian Military, he rebelled and took troops under his command to storm the castle and remove the King from his position, believing that he did not uphold the nation’s status as the continents primary military source, and defender of the entire land mass.

However, Vhennyk has his evil ways. He at first employed the Iron Circle mercenary clan to do his dirty work in other nations, without being linked directly to him. After the nations found out that it was his work, he saw no point in hiding and recruited most of the mercenaries into his own special Nazina Order. These black cloaked soldiers were brainwashed by the new lord of Syrill and did his bidding loyally.

The Next Step:
The relics that the three travelers were being asked to gather, were the weapons used to close the rifts, there was one for each rift and there were thirteen rifts. The witch was able to offer a map to the first, which was near her house, and she asked for it to be returned to her upon retrieving it. She gave clear instruction to be stealthy when retrieving the second; it was locked away in the Trimerian capitol. This was the southernmost Nation and the strictest.

This being the only information that she could offer, the party quickly retrieved the first, and failed horribly at obtaining the second. Being locked in the Trimerian prison would not seem like a win no matter how low someone’s standards. With the help of current inmates, they were able to escape during an attack on the capitol. A massive dragon shot bolts of electricity at the towers of the castle. This was a great distraction for the inmates to make it to the edge of the city.

They had all escaped and the inmates vowed to obtain any relics they came across and meet them in Harken in three months. This was a big promise to be held by another adventuring party, it was likely they would fall through on it.

The heroes then made their way into the nation of Toryn, survived the forest, and made the King of El’Redar their ally in the coming war. It seems as though the evil Lord Vhennyk is wanting to control the entire continent under his rule alone, and is doing it forcefully. His ability to control dragons is a mystery and a force to be feared, and until it is able to be matched everyone can only wait for his next attack while they gather the lost relics.

El’Redar was home to one relic, which the party was sent to transport to the Eldest Witch in Harken. The nation of Harken was no completely taken over by the Nazina Order, and they were not allowing citizens to just walk around. Upon arrival, they discovered there was a checkpoint at the only crossing of a river, the only route in. The party managed to get through the checkpoint and into the woods, but were soon discovered by Vhennyk’s troops and captured. They were brought inside one of the overtaken large houses, and sent to the back room and locked inside until they were to be killed.

History Repeating:
Finding a hidden passage the group dipped into a long staircase, leading to a dungeon. Inside they came to a room filled with old books and scaffolds along the walls, filled with wizards. These wizards were alerted of their presence and turned their attention to the travelers. The wizards didn’t seem to know of the other exit; they had come into this hidden dungeon from a different direction.

The wizards were just there to study writings on the walls and the old books, they meant no harm. One of them, the leader, stuck out though. He was the descendant of the sorcerer that opened the rifts five-hundred years ago, his name was Tolaf. He quickly got on the nerves of the party members and was locked in a cell inside the next room.

After fighting a large creature that they did not know what to make of, the party exited the dungeon and found themselves in the middle of Harken Forest on a hill that was very popular in the lore around the city.

Zorin’s Gaze:
Zorin’s Gaze, is a large hill in the middle of the Harken forest, it has gone down in the lore as a place of great history, and a great mystery. Long ago, when the spell plague first began, and the virus spreading, there was a great war that had been raging for years, but the creatures entering their realm from other dimensions, drew their attention and the two factions of Kor’Dorh united to defeat the creatures. During this time a warrior named Zorin, who was the leader of a famous adventuring party, who had found the weapons used to close the rifts, had traveled to this hill seeking enlightenment after losing several comrades. While he was there, he carved in a stone at the highest point on the hill a small note.

“Today I see something that will change this world forever, and it was viewed from this place, and it has taught me.”

No one knows exactly what it was that he had seen that day, but whatever it was it meant something to the world at that time.

The adventurers stood atop the hill, with the city in Harken perfectly in view through a clearing in the trees. The castle and the wall surrounding it were clearly visible. They could also make out several soldiers, marching through the gates and toward the castle doors. Several holding torches, all of them chanting something, they entered the castle and the doors closed. At this time huge balls of blue light could be seen emanating from the tallest two towers, it got bigger and bigger and infinitely brighter.

A shocking sight to them all, the castle began to rise into the air, breaking away from the ground beneath it but holding on to the surrounding earth. This left an ice-cream cone shaped plot of earth, underneath the castle, with a small room seeming to stick out at the bottom.
After a few moments of viewing this magnificent sight, the party was again surprised when the room that was sticking out at the bottom of the plot of earth was blown into pieces, the surrounding earth falling to the ground. The party noticed something though, bubbles of energy surrounding objects that were falling from the explosion. This was odd and as they watched the castle float away from the sight they decided to move down and investigate.

Relics of the Rifts

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